"Everything seemed to be piling up and I was not coping. Counselling was recommended to me by my GP. I began grief counselling with Devona .She put me at ease and made me feel that I wasn’t alone and what I was feeling was quite normal under my circumstances. I discovered that I was ok. What Devona has showed me is a gift. I feel Devona is a very positive and clever lady counsellor who has really helped me deal with the loss of my dear mum. I can’t thank her enough for the time, care, help and guidance she has shared with me. She has helped me to look at things differently and in making sense of things. I will miss my weekly outlet. But as Devona says we are a work in progress and I feel much more resourceful and resilient now."


"I went to Devona following the breakdown of my marriage in crisis. I was in the middle of a court case and I was shocked to the core by what had happened in my life. Devona helped me during a time of great confusion. She helped me to see clearly. Our sessions put me on track and helped me to focus . I feel it would have taken me much longer to get things in order without this support. After even our first session I was coping better . After a few sessions I started to see that I was generating my own answers and felt empowered to carry on. I feel Devona fast tracked me to feeling safe and to focus on what I could change and to accept what I couldn’t."


"We came to Devona for therapy when things got hard to manage at home. My daughter very angry and upset and I didn’t know how to help.

In therapy sessions I loved seeing my daughter being creative and speaking out in a way she hadn’t before through play and stories. It was really nice to see her getting things off her chest and her surprising willingness to engage. It was fun but also she was working things out . We had been stuck. It was a really hard time as a single parent following loss. It was a relief at home as she started to realise what she was doing and why. Anger and tantrums eased. I wondered how long we would need to go to therapy but it came to a natural end once things became clear and we celebrated some great and lasting achievements in learning to manage emotions."


"I started therapy when I had a lot of relationship distress. Devona showed me new insights and a helpful perspective. There are still ups and downs in my life and relationship but I feel therapy helped me to keep moving forward and helped me to shift my attitude to a better place. I feel more capable and much less worried. Thank you Devona."


"After suffering a severe head injury and in the latter stages of my recovery I began working with Devona . I was trying to master the more refined actions of my brain . Such as emotion and preference.

This process helped me immensely in my full recovery beyond the physical and practical aspects. I can thoroughly recommend her as a therapist."


"Devona has in my opinion an excellent balance between knowledge and a true heartfelt understanding of the human condition.

I wholeheartedly recommend people receive her insights, warmth and wisdom."

General Practitioner: Dr Imran Rao